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Will & Co supply food ingredients and share knowledge to help our customers achieve the right texture, taste, appearance and functional profile of their food products. Today’s consumers want more than just food and drinks, demanding far more in terms of taste, quality and health. Ingredient choices are made based on finding the right balance between these three key aspects. For instance, where consumers push for the use of fewer ingredients and shorter, cleaner labels, health positioning of foods often leads to the addition of extra ingredients. This is the field in which we operate, with a focus on natural ingredients and specialities for the food market.

An overview of our most important products:

  • TEXTURE: gelatin, starch from potato, rice, tapioca and wheat and proteins from dairy or plants
  • TASTE: products based on dairy products, natural flavours and extracts
  • APPEARANCE: natural colourants.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: extracts, hydrolysed ingredients.

Whether you aim for cost savings, improved functionality or innovation, please contact us for technical advice or samples. Our product managers and suppliers are available to support you from A to Z in your product development.

Food Applications


Consumers are increasingly asking for freshly baked products, cleaner labels and innovative taste experiences. Manufacturers are looking for improved functionality or cost-saving options. Together with our suppliers, we have a strong knowledge of bakery applications and we can meet your ingredient needs.


Confectionery, whether sugar or chocolate, it is all about pleasure. However, the health trend also influences this segment. More people are trying to control their weight by removing fats and sugars from their diet. Or they look for healthier products that fit their lifestyle, such as confection with added fruit juice extracts. In addition, we have in-depth knowledge of vegan confectionery to support you in product development. We have the right products for these developments in confectionery.

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Meat & fish

For meat and fish applications, we have access to cost-efficient or value-added ingredients. Emulsifiers, stabilizers, proteins, natural colours, oleoresins are some of them. From our line of carrageenan blends, for example, we have custom blends for optimum functionality in frozen, fresh and cooked meat products.

Ingredient blends

For blenders in bakery, meat, sports nutrition and other segments you can contact us for ingredients ranging from starch, whey powder, gelatin, flavours, colours, organic flour, preservatives, dairy products and more. We have ingredients to help you develop completely new food concepts or make improvements to existing products. We support you in the development of a homogeneous and stable blend with high quality in terms of taste, texture, health and shelf life.

Soups, sauces & dressings

Savoury foods such as soups or sauces need ingredients to solve texture, taste and stability problems. We have a good portfolio of emulsifiers, proteins, modified starch. For example, we have a range of gums and carrageen blends that act as thickeners and stabilizers, for example in low-fat sauces. In addition, we also offer products for vegan sauces, such as modified starch.


For all dairy applications, we can supply you with a number of ingredients, ranging from yoghurt powder, butter powder, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, proteins to flavourings, colourings and more. For cheese, we have excellent recipes available to reduce costs by replacing dairy ingredients with modified starch. If you are looking for a vegan cheese solution, whether it is block or spreadable cheese, we have standard receptions.

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Vegan Food

The transition from animal-derived to vegetable derived ingredients in foods is increasing. It can be a challenge to replace animal proteins with vegetable proteins. The formulation with different vegetable proteins can be complex when taking into account nutrition, taste and texture. We offer various solutions for cheese, bakery, meat, coffee creamers and more. We work together with Proveg International to support product developers in their work to replace derive with plant-based ingrediënts.

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Organic Food

Consumers increasingly turn to clean(er) labels and demand transparency in foods. Organic foods are capable of addressing these concerns of consumers and therefore we see this market growing. For organic foods, we offer organic wheat starch, gluten, organic rice starch, organic potato starch and more.

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Snacks & Coatings

Snacks are well-known applications to us. From snacks filled with cheese that just need to melt a little to coated snacks to ensure crispness, we understand the challenges you face. Snack products are more convenient, healthier with less fat, less sodium, fewer calories, while still having to taste good. We offer starch, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavourings, oleoresins, proteins, antioxidants and more ingredients to support your ideas in product development.

Functional food

We have special ingredients available for sports nutrition, baby food, supplements and other nutrient-rich foods. They range from proteins such as casein, whey powder, pea protein to fruit extracts, to flavourings and colours or collagen. Examples are our dairy proteins that offer essential amino acids and excellent digestibility and bioavailability. Or our collagen for protein-rich drinks or other food formats. We have the right solution for most of your functional and nutritional needs.

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