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High-quality synthetic and bio-based raw materials for coatings, inks & colourants? You can also come to us for these products. Varying from an extensive portfolio of water and solvent-borne binders, organic and inorganic colour pigments, effect pigments and pigment pastes to chemicals and additives.

In addition, we offer our customers active support in the development of new coatings and colourants, further development and optimization of existing products and problem-solving. Contact one of our specialists if you have any questions.



Resins, water and solvent borne binders, and high solids

We offer a wide range of resins, water and solvent-borne, for example, acrylic resins and emulsions, polyisocyanate curing systems, polyurethane dispersions, saturated and unsaturated polyester, melamine resins, self-curing systems, alkyd resins and emulsion, long medium and short oil, alkyd emulsions, high solids, epoxy, radiation and UV curing resins of different chemistries or biobased resins.

Organic and inorganic Performance Color Pigments

Will & Co offers a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments based on different chemistries covering almost the whole colour space. We also supply Bismuth Vanadates, Lead Chromates Yellow and Molybdate Orange, mix metal oxides, Cadmium based and Carbon Black (powder and beads).

Effect pigments

For pigments, we represent several suppliers who offer a broad range of aluminium and mica-based effect pigments and preparations.

Pigment preparations

As Will & Co, we supply various types of colour pigment pastes, water, solvent and plasticizer borne, and also aluminium effect pigment preparations.


Will & Co supplies different additives to improve your paint and ink formulations, like anti foam (also biobased), hydrophobic, dispersants, wetting and surfactants.

Solvents & plasticizers

For solvents and plasticizers we supply BDO, NEP, Tamisolve NxG (non-reprotoxic alternative for NEP, NMP and other polar solvents), NMP, THF, biobased (Cyrene™), special amines, plasticizers based on Maleate, Benzoate, Phthalate, Phosphate, Adipate, Sebacate chemistry and others.

Cleaning and paintstripper

TamiSolve™ NxG is a high-boiling, dipolar aprotic solvent. It has good solvency for a wide range of compounds and has high chemical and thermal stability, and is in contradiction to NEP and NMP not classified as reprotoxic.

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